Meeting Minutes 3/2/17

Palomar Astronomy Club
Regular Meeting Minutes
3/2/2017, 2:20pm, NS-117

Advisor: Prof. William Kardel
Chair: Karen Taylor (President)
Others In Attendance: Gabrielle Gregg (Vice-President), Anna Younce (Secretary), Cassandra Walls (Treasurer), Chase Covello, Steven Saldivar, Eli Fountain

Call to Order: 2:30pm (approx.) by Chair, Karen Taylor


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Agenda Items:

  1. Motion: Attendance will be taken at meetings and kept by the Club Secretary.
    Result: Motion carried
  2. Discussion: Volunteers needed for Inter-Club Council (ICC) Meetings for the month of March. ICC Meetings are Fridays at 9:00am in SU-204
    Result: Three of Five volunteer spots have been filled. Two more are needed. Contact Karen ( if you are willing to volunteer. The current schedule is as follows:

    March 03 – Karen
    March 10 – Cassandra
    March 17 – Chase
    March 24 – NEEDED
    March 31 – NEEDED

  3. Discussion: (raised by Karen) Those present expressed interest in seeking a relationship with the San Diego Astronomy Association and possibly requesting a reduced student and/or “group rate” for membership.
    Result: Gabrielle will reach out to her contact at the SDAA and report back.
  4. Discussion: (raised by Karen) Those present expressed interest in having a “workshop” to learn about the use of telescopes, preferably within the next couple weeks. Prof. Kardel advised that this activity be done during the daytime to make learning easier.
    Result: Prof. Kardel agreed to oversee/provide instruction on the operation of telescopes. Karen and Prof. Kardel will coordinate a date/time and notify the club when the event is planned.

Non-Agenda Items:

  1. Discussion: (raised by Cassandra) Gauging interest in the possibility of a group road trip to Pacific Northwest to view total solar eclipse in August.
    Result: Contact Cassandra ( if interested.
  2. Discussion: (raised by Karen) Are there any ideas for content/activities that can be added to future meetings?
    Result: Those present expressed interest in the addition of member-led informal presentations and/or discussions of current events in scientific fields, especially those related to Astronomy. Discussion as to how this activity would be structured and/or organized was tabled.

Approval of minutes to be performed at next Regular Meeting on April 6, 2017.

Minutes prepared by Club Secretary, Anna Younce


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