Meeting Minutes 4/6/17

Palomar Astronomy Club
Regular Meeting Minutes
4/6/2017, 2:20pm, NS-117

Advisor: Prof. William Kardel
Chair: Karen Taylor (President)
Others In Attendance: Gabrielle Gregg (Vice-President), Anna Younce (Secretary), Michael Boeck, Mark Borst, Chase Covello

Call to Order: 2:30pm (approx.) by Chair, Karen Taylor


  • Upcoming events:
    • “Moons: Worlds of Mystery” at the Palomar Planetarium theater Friday, April 14th at 8pm. Note that late seating is not allowed so arrive on time! Click here for ticket info.
    • AstroClub Star Party on the Roof, April 20th at 8pm. Weather permitting, the roof will be available for some star-gazing and heavenly body observation. More info coming later.
    • “Friday Night Science Talks” at Wavelength Brewing Company (Vista, CA). Our own Prof. Kardel will be giving a talk on the TRAPPIST-1 system on April 21st at 8pm. “Talks” are for all ages and free to attend (and they happen every Friday with different speakers).
  • Don’t forget to visit the club website. Club information, Meeting Agendas, Meeting Minutes, and news will be posted there. Please subscribe to the site so you will get emails when new posts are made. That way everyone should be up to date on important club information/activities. Visit:

Agenda Items:

  1. Discussion: Update on Inter-Club Council (ICC) Meeting on March 10th from Cassandra.
    Result: Tabled, due to Cassandra being absent
  2. Discussion: Gabrielle’s contact at the SDAA (San Diego Astronomy Association) advised us that seeking membership is not necessary to initiate a relationship. He offered to sponsor our group so we can be involved with star parties and other events.
    Result: Those present expressed affirmative consent to pursuing this relationship. Gabrielle will respond to her contact and find out about upcoming events.
  3. Discussion: Volunteers needed for ICC Meetings for the month of April. ICC Meetings are Fridays at 9:00am in SU-204
    Result: Two of Four volunteer spots have been filled. Two more are needed. Contact Karen ( if you are willing to volunteer. The current schedule is as follows:

    April 07 – Karen
    April 14 – Chase
    April 21 – NEEDED
    April 28 – NEEDED

  4. Discussion: Update on telescope-learning activity. Prof. Kardel suggested we could begin learning about the telescopes immediately following the meeting.
    Result: Club adjourned to the roof and experimented with operating and observing through a telescope.
  5. Discussion: Should the club vote for officers for the following semester from existing membership in the interest of maintaining stability?
    Result: Those present were in favor of electing officers for the following semester to provide incoming members with an established governing body in the interest of stability. Elections for the Fall semester will occur at our next club meeting on May 4, 2017.
  6. Discussion: Does the club want to continue to meet in any capacity during the summer months?
    Result: Those present expressed interest in continuing to meet in an unofficial/social capacity during the summer months. Information about events would need to be coordinated.

Approval of minutes to be performed at next Regular Meeting on May 4, 2017.

Minutes prepared by Club Secretary, Anna Younce


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